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We will forever find cause for conflict when we devote our attention to that which keeps us separate. But we can raise the level of compassion and find our way to more peaceful means by becoming aware of our unity through all that we share. Richard A. Snipes

WASIA Mission Statement

With faith in the evolution of the human spirit, WASIA is committed to developing global initiatives that promote peace and prosperity by encouraging the awareness of unity and the importance of the respect and reverence for all life.

The problems of violence are much larger than ourselves. Too often we become caught up in a world of superficiality, materialism and nationalism to see that they are problems that could be significantly diminished or even resolved with right action. Our ideologies, dogmas and preconceived notions, whether they be rooted in religion, politics or self-interests, obstructs our view from seeing life as it truly is, and each and everyone as we truly are. When we come to collectively understand that borders are invisible, reality comes in different shades of perspective, and hatred, prejudice and fear are ingrained into our cultures, we can then begin to build a solid foundation for a more peaceful environment for future generations.

The challenges we center on in everyday life distract us from the global view. This focus denies us the experience of our unity with nature and one another in this sacred cycle of life. Eradicating violence will be a continuous, on-going effort, but one that can be guided down a path of progress by broadening our empathy and compassion on a global scale. With projects such as our WASIA Awareness program, WASIA Intervention Program and the Homeless in America project, we feel that we can greatly contribute to this endeavor.

There are numerous people and organizations doing many great and worthwhile things to promote a more peaceful existence in this world, but clearly it is not enough. Violence and degradation still occur, conflicts continue, and wars are still being waged because, in part, we find ourselves living in a culture of complacency when more should be done to encourage a culture of compassion. And to do this, compassion should be taught, not hoped for.

As it is said, "Be the change we want to see in the world". This change starts with you. Please support the efforts of WASIA.

This change starts with you.


When compassion prevails, we come to realize how we are united by our humanity and bound by our spirit. Richard A. Snipes


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