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A conflict solved by violence is a fleeting victory for an individual, group, or nation. A conflict solved by peaceful means is an enduring victory for mankind. Richard A. Snipes

The WASIA Intervention Program will be a mediation/conflict resolution program designed and executed by highly qualified and experienced professionals. As a proprietary program based on a secular, non-political platform, it will be implemented in the most severe circumstances, and adapted to the most diverse situations.

We see ourselves as an advanced society, yet we too often resort to barbaric means to resolve our differences that become conflicts. The one element of our society that seems most advanced is the weapons technology used in some of these conflicts. In time, we can alter these senseless cycles by taking the fortunes spent on more efficient and effective ways of warfare and investing it into the education of our children on the value and importance of having respect and reverence for all life.

Conflict ResolutionAs it has been said, we will achieve true peace when we learn to choose the power of love over the love of power; when we learn to love our children more than we hate our enemies. Our children are the endpoints of our evolution, and, through our examples, we can teach them that a conflict resolved through violent means is but a fleeting victory for an individual, group, or a nation. But, a conflict resolved through peaceful means is an enduring victory for all of mankind.

Most trials and tribulations in this world are not of this world. They are the direct and indirect result of man's actions and errors through his need to establish dominance and supremacy of ideology. Throughout history, this has incessantly led us down dark and uncertain paths of trepidation and destruction. We have the capacity to set a better example for the generations to come.

Mutual respect, acceptance, and compassion: If this theme were the center of our days, our children would hardly know war, and true peace could be achieved the world throughout. In the absence of these, conflicts will forever loom on the horizon, and the peace that we know will continue to be nothing more than the calm before the storm.


Major issues of domestic and world concern have been debated and fought over for centuries. As a whole, we present ourselves with these issues, not to necessarily judge them as right or wrong, but, to collectively judge ourselves in the manner in which we deal with them. It is not the action, but the reaction to the action, that is of the utmost importance. And, it is our reactions that continually define us as a human race. Richard A. Snipes


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