Nomi Shmerling
Research Assistant


Helping individuals reach their highest potential, Nomi Shmerling is a devoted to being an instrument of change in this world.  She is currently researching how mindfulness helps people reach their goals as well as higher states of well-being in life. Working on her Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology at Institute of Transpersonal Psychology within Sofia University located in Palo Alto, California; her research dissertation is looking at how Mindfulness can be the catalyst for consciousness transformation and greater well-being within parents with children at home.    

She graduated magna cum laude at the Washington University where she earned her Bachelors in Geography. Shortly after her bachelor’s degree, she went on to earn her MBA from the Colorado Technical University, which prepared her for the work she did as a consultant working with international corporations assisting them with Global Change Management strategies. Realizing that she was not living her life’s purpose, she bravely stepped out of the business world and entered back into school to achieve her Ph.D.   Nomi lives in Atlanta with her husband and two children.  She serves her community by volunteering at Make-A- Wish as well as conducting monthly meetings in topics ranging within the scope of Transpersonal Psychology to local individuals.

"At times we feel compelled to hold our past experiences accountable for our present condition. The desire to blame who we are on what did or did not occur in our lives overpowers our need to be accountable for what we choose to do or not do about it. It is not the action, but the reaction to the action that is of the most importance. To live this truth is our opportunity to redefine ourselves." –Richard A. Snipes



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